Here at L’Ane Vert, we want to be available to every one. Some people want comfort, some want to feel a adventure, some others just want to save money because they allways travel…



Our lodge Asnoos, is our last project, we tried to implement all the knowledge we got so far to make it as sustainable as possible. The piller are old piece of Argan tree, the toilets are dry toilets with separation of the urines ( mixed with the water coming from the sink, it water the ornements flowers ), the greay water from the shower is treated by phytotreatment, the insulation is made with clay and strow. We are working on our own solar system to heat the water, and all the bathroom is made with a natural Tadelakt. Come adn enjoy passing a night in our new lodge in the middle of our garden ! See you soon.

low season 40€

high season 50€

ocean view rooms


Our ocean-view rooms have their own charm and breathtaking view over our downhill garden camp and the Atlantic ocean behind. You’ll find a spacious shower decorated in blue tadelakt and walls made from stone collected from the local area. Experience life in the Berber countryside whilst in complete and unique comfort. These suites are perfects for couples looking for a unique holiday experience.
Once you will have woken up to panoramic oceans view (enjoyed even in the unique bathroom) you will never want to leave again!

low season 55€

high season 75€

backpacker bungalow


Our Backpacker bungalow is built eco-friendly – (wall made with sand bags, bamboo and mudclay roof). The room is quite spacious and there are communals hammock in front of the bungalows Under the argan trees.

low season 10€

high season 10€

basic room imdakal


Our budget option in our Ecolodge. A spacious room with comfortable double bed, we can add simple bed if you want to share the room with an extra person. There is a little living room, bathroom and toilets attached that are shared with the other single room Imdakal.
Every wall has been built with natural rocks found in the area and fixed together with a natural cement. Come and experience a different style of hotel, here at L’Ane Vert!

low season 35€

high season 45€

berber tents


A traditional Berber tent made from fabric woven with camel and goat wool. The bathroom attached is decorated with Tadelakt and has a large shower.
There is a large double bed with comfortable mattress and a small living corner to gaze up into the light coming through the woven tent.
Our Berber tents have been constructed using a mix of traditional and sustainable building materials and methods. Each tent has it’s own personal charm and character and although essentially a tent with an open style of living, you can still have your comforts of a quality mattress and private bathroom with hot showers. Come and experience a different style of accommodation; gaze at the stars through the tent’s woven fabric while listening to the sounds of the local night-life.

low season 30€

high season 36€



Once you experience the sunset from our amazing Terrace, the secluded beach and discover the amazing dishes that our chef has prepared. You will never want to leave again…
The lodges are situated in our downhill garden, they have a comfortable double bed and attached bathroom. Don’t be surprised to discover dry toilets, it is for a better environnement, give it a try !

low season 35€

high season 40€