Walking the world

Meet Flavien Liottier, an inspiring french man that sold all his belongings, packed his bag, and started a world wide walking adventure.

He began in Soustons (south-west France), made his way down to Portugal, met us along the way at L’Ane Vert and is heading down to Senegal. Following coastlines, climbing cliffs, heading in the direction of the wildest lost tracks, Flavien is searching for the less-beaten path.

He will make his way to Cape Verde and pick up a ride on a boat to travel all the way to Brazil!

What an inspiration to see more and more eco travellers absorbing every step, and making the little things count. We wish you the best of luck Flavien! He has created a great blog where you can follow his adventures and maybe find a little motivation for your next eco holiday/life change.

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