why ecolodge?

What does it mean to be an ecolodge?

For some it means just installing energy saving light bulbs and the planet is better! For us it means much, much more than that.
 We are passionate about making sure that our tiny piece of paradise is as eco friendly as possible, keeping everyone’s carbon footprint to a minimum.

From relying 100% on solar panels, recycling our waste water, maintaining a healthy compost, installing comfortable composting toilets, using natural building techniques, sourcing as locally as possible and of course using minimum plastics; we are hoping that little by little the rising tourism industry in Morocco will also begin applying some of these eco-options to ensure that this beautiful country is kept clean and accessible.

We are passionate about beginning at our doorstep and organise regular beach cleanings with guests, staff and the locals, hoping to educate a little more after each clean-up.

2018 – L’ Âne Vert – A Story of Progress


Thanks and love for everybody who stayed, became part of our little community and all the great people involved in the project.

We achieved a lot and for 2019 there are great things planned regarding cultural exchange, ecology and responsible hospitality in a morocco that is changing.

Implemented Sustainable Solutions


With the help of many local Moroccan workers and over 400 international volunteers we have designed and built our facilities literally from the ground up.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our buildings and facilities were constructed with locally sourced natural materials, including rocks from the valley, limestone, natural pigment, hand-made fabric from goat and camel fur, hay, mud bricks, and local Argan wood!

The whole lodge is powered by solar electricity. In our camp we have designed comfortable dry toilets and 40% of our hot water is solar. We recycled all the grey-water through a series of basins that is then used to water our unique garden. We make our own natural cleaning products and soaps to make sure that harmful chemicals are not introduced into the environment.

This is just the beginning, click below to find out exactly how ‘green’ we are and how you can have a holiday with minimal impact on our precious environment.