Kara’s Kitchen


All the produce for the restaurant are sourced fresh locally and used to create our fusion of Moroccan, French and South-East Asian Cuisine. We work directly with the fishermen, and locals to establish a restaurant that provides a gastronomical experience while supporting the local community.

The Octopus for our famous Octopus salad is caught by Fatima’s husband who passes his days fishing at the end of the beach.

Our Herbs are delivered to L’Ane Vert by Hassan and his brother, two brothers from the village who help their father collect the herbs from the family farm.

Our Argan oil is hand pressed by Aicha and her family and delivered each week to add that special flavour to salads, fish and couscous nights!

Our Salt comes from the salt mine on the way to Smimou, it has a distinct flavour and is hand collected.

Our Preserved Lemons are hand-preserved by Keltoum and are the best in town!

Our Bread is baked by the local women and delivered by donkey each morning from Mohamed.

Our chefs are a team that take each of these special ingredients and turns them into a fusion of flavours on each plate.




At breakfast time you can always find a sweet or a salty option to get you started for the day. We offer not only the traditional breakfast of bread, selection of jams and oils, but also our daily creations of French Toast, Moroccan Crêpes, Poached eggs and Berber Eggs with Keltoums Homemade Flat Bread. *drinks are extra



For lunch we have a light menu that changes seasonally. During summer we like to have fresh salads and tartines while in winter we add more tagines and hearty winter meals. Below is an example but remember the menu might be slightly different (but still delicious!). One of our favourites that stays on the menu is our Pulled Goat Sandwich in homemade Batbout bread with spicy mayonnaise and pickles.



For dinner we offer a choice between either a fish or meat option and vegetarian. The dinner changes each night and is dependant on the availability of fresh fish and meats, and seasonal vegetables. Some nights we have more traditional Moroccan meals like Cousous and Goat Tangia, whereas other nights the chefs are cooking up Beetroot and Goats cheese ravioli, Pan fried Sole with lemon and caper sauce, Entrecôte with chunky fries and chimmichurri sauce…. You never know what the dinner will be before it is written on the board at 8pm, keeping it as a special surprise of the day.