Can we pay by credit card ?

Yes we have a bank card machine!
Alternatively, we accept Moroccan Dirhams, Euros.

Our exchange rate for Dirhams to Euros is 10MAD = 1EUR

Our exchange rate for Dirhams to American Dollars is 12MAD = 1USD

Where is the nearest cashpoint?
The closest Cashpoint north is Smimou. The closest cashpoint south is Tamanar.

Cancellation Fees ?

Total Cancellation: If changes are made more than 14 days before your booking your 50% deposit will be fully reimbursed. If changes are made after 14 days before your booking, the deposit will not be reimbursed.

Can we change foreign currency at L’Ane Vert?

Yes we can exchange Euros.

Can you organise transport from the airport or hotel?

We work closely with our trusted taxi driver, Said. He can pick you up from the airport, bus station or hotel (outside of a medina).

For all taxi prices and information please refer to our:DIRECTIONS SECTION

We strive to give you the prices for transport. Please remember we are located on a gravel road that not all taxi drivers will travel on, so if another taxi offers you a cheaper price they may drop you off at the village – a 30min walk from L’Ane Vert.

We can also arrange a hire car for you- just send us an email and we’d be happy to help!

Can we reach you by hire car?

We are off the main road about 2.4km on a gravel road. If you drive carefully we are easily reachable with a small hire car – just take it slowly!

During the rain season (winter) the river may flood and we are only reached from the south. If there are storms or a bad forecast before you arrive it is best to give us a call to be sure the river isn’t flooded. Check the forecast before you arrive – TAFEDNA WEATHER

OUR GPS COORDINATES – 31.082959, -9.809547


What is it like inside the tents during winter?

During winter the temperature can drop at night but during the day the temperature is pleasant and can even get quite hot. We provide extra blankets to keep you cosy at night. It is still a tent and subject to extreme weather conditions but our goal is to keep you guys as comfortable as possible.

What is it like inside the tents during summer?

During the summer the weather can get hot, but we are close to the beach so it never gets as hot as the desert! The tents can get warm during the day but at night it always cools down and they are comfortable for sleeping.

Is there hot water?

All of our showers have hot water however being in middle of nowhere things can be take a little longer to fix. If there is a problem with hot water, electricity or maintenance we have an lovely on-site handyman that loves running around fixing things!

What happens if it rains?

Here it generally rains 20 days of the year. For the tents we have plastic protection that shelters them from the rain but it does get less comfortable. If you are unlucky enough to be here during the rain we will try and put you in one of our upstairs bedrooms free of charge. If they are not available and you are shy to nature and it’s elements and choose to leave we are happy to refund 50% of your accommodation.

What are the waves like for surfing?

In the bay there are many different breaks that offer different styles of surfing. In the local village there is a right-hand point break and you can also hit up the beach break right in the front of L’Ane Vert. The waves get higher in winter – up to 6m and calm down during summer. Check out our surfing section for more information and follow the link to see what the weather is doing at the moment.


What is there to do in the area?

There is plenty to see and discover in this amazing region. There are some beautiful walks in the area including trekking up through the dunes, checking out the caves during low-tide at the end of the beach and taking a picnic and hiking up to the cape. There is also a near-by canyon that fills up with freshwater after the rain season- perfect for swimming! There is a fisherman village within walking distance where you can buy fresh fish and have it grilled straight away for a delicious lunch. Depending on the waves you can pass your days surfing on the deserted beach soaking up the Moroccan sun. You can also take day-trips into Essaouira, Sidi Kouki and Immsaoune.


Do you offer volunteering?

Yes! We are always looking for eager volunteers to join our team at L’Ane Vert. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please send us an email and check out our HELPX page. We are looking for people that can stay longer than two weeks. L’ANE VERT WORKAWAY

Can we participate in an artist residency?

If you have an idea for an artist residency please send us a detailed email with your project, references, past work and general information about yourself. Check out the L’Echange (L’Ane Vert’s non profit organisation) site to see our previous residencies and environmental initiatives! L’ECHANGE

Is there WIFI?

We unfortunately don’t have free wifi at L’Ane Vert, We encourage you to take a break from technology and Facebook and GO TO THE BEACH! But we also sale here SIM card « Orange » for 5€ ( all size ). You can then turn your phone into a hotspot.

Is there a shop near the Ecolodge?

There is a small shop 5 mins walk from the Ecolodge where you can find bread, fruits, cheese and other basics. You can also go into the village along the beach, about 30mins walk, where you can find a wider selection of groceries.


Can you cater for dietary needs and intolerances?

We are more than happy to cater for any dietary needs or intolerances. Please just let us know when you arrive or when making your booking.

Do you have an open kitchen?

At L’Ane Vert there is not an open kitchen but we have a restaurant and tapas bar that offers affordable meals with fish, meat and vegetarian options. If you bring your own food we ask that you consume it down in the camp near the hammock.

Do you sell water at L’Ane Vert? 

We sell only 5L water bottles in an effort to use less plastic and keep our oceans clean. We encourage all guests to bring their own water bottle and help themselves to free filtered water.


Do you have a bar at L’Ane Vert?

Currently we do not have a bar at L’Ane Vert, but we have a full menu with a selection of warm and cold drinks.


Is it appropriate for children at the Ecolodge?

We are still under construction so it can be hazardous for young children at L’Ane Vert, but if they are supervised then they can have a wonderful time out here in nature.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Unfortunately we don’t.