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Artist Residency – Elisabeth Kraus

Elisabeth Kraus was born in Germany, grew up in a small village in Bavaria and is now working as an […]

Alonisma Project @ L’Ane Vert


This March at L’Ane Vert, The Alonisma project with Andrea Romani & Panagiotis an underground greek artist will be featuring […]

Nicola Lazazzara: Organic-Electronic Soundcreation, Collaboration & Recording


We are happy to announce and welcome this month Nicola Lazazzara from Italy. Nicola is a young musician and producer […]

James Cornelison – Two weeks of creation and performance as artist in residence


We are very happy about James Cornelison from Chicago living and working with us for about two weeks now. James […]

L’Ane Vert team @ ATLAS & INNERVISIONS festivals


For the incredible ATLAS mustic festival, L’Ane vert made the journey to Marrakech and ran a delicious food stand featuring […]

james cornelison – songwriting & workshops Nov 23rd > Dec 23rd


This month we have the pleasure of hosting our newest artist in residency: James Cornelison, who will spend his time songwriting, recording and conducting workshops.
If you are an aspiring songwriter, singer or have a passion for music come join us this month to share musical inspiration.

PRE-PREMIERE SCREENING OF « GABRIELLE », a short-movie Directed by Victor Mirabel


Victor Mirabel – writing Oct 16th 2018 , 20h00, after a week of residency in L’Ane Vert, time to think […]