Implemented Sustainable Solutions


1. Natural Building Techniques

2. Phyto-epuration basins & Garden

3 Dry toilets or western toilets with treatment system

4. 100% solar energy & energy conservation

5. Cleaning products and wellbeing products are home made and organic

6. All restaurant waste is composted

7 40% of water heater are solar, upcycled and built by L’Ane Vert

8 Rain water collection – 60% achieved

9 In the process of setting up a waste collection association that would eventuate as a showcase for the wider local region

our vision

fair trade comitment

all water heat by solar heater (L’Ane Vert upcycling)

all classic dry toilets removed for dry toilets with urines separations and dried chamber

innovative urines separation toilets system for the communal area

traditional Hammam with using rain water and heated by recycled paper bricks

setting up waste management system ( glass/paper/plastic ) for L’Ane Vert and the local village in collaboration with local organisations