yoga session


Try our daily yoga classes with Sophie.

Sophie is a singer and yoga teacher. From early age on she discovered how music and movement allow her to be present in the moment. As a singer of the band Guacayo she is touring Europe this summer.

Given her experience she is convinced that everybody is able to sing just as everyone is able to breathe.

She teaches Hatha Yoga with influences of Power Yoga. Her classes strengthen your body, stretch your   muscles and relax your soul.

Morning classes will be focused on mindfulness in the body while evening classes are always topic based moving awareness on a chakra, an emotion or a virtue.

Yoga lessons

Daily yoga classes 6pm - in the blue room
100 MAD
Daily yoga classes 9am - in the blue room (on request)
100 MAD
Semi-private lessons (max 3ppl)
200 MAD/person
Singing class (45min)
200 MAD