surfing at tafedna bay


surf prices


Our goal is one day create a surf school here at Tafedna Bay.
We are starting modestly by renting beginner surfboards and wetsuits. Our talented surf teacher, Jamal, offers great 2hr lessons to get every beginner standing up and catching their first white wave! He speaks English, French, German, Berber and Arabic!
Eventually we hope to partner up with a local brand to have a surf school with advanced surfer equipment. For the moment this is what we offer:

Soft board ( beginner long board ) + wetsuit
half day MAD 90
full day MAD 120
Body board + wetsuit
half day MAD 120
full day MAD 150
Short board + wetsuit
half day MAD 45
full day MAD 60
Surf Lesson : 2H Surf Lessons, including surf board + wetsuit for the lesson, and after for 1hour to make you try your new skills !
MAD 270
couple MAD 500