2018 – L’ Âne Vert – A Story of Progress



2018 was a great year for L’ Âne Vert.

Thanks and love for everybody who stayed, became part of our little community and all the great people involved in the project.

We achieved a lot and for 2019 there are great things planned regarding cultural exchange, ecology and responsible hospitality in a morocco that is changing:

Our new Workshop Space will alow artists, engineers, guests and locals to create under much better circumstances.

« Tafedna Vert » is a communal approach to collect and recycle waste in a way that it also creates incomes and improves the quality of life for the people living in, and visiting the Tafedna Bay Area.

Our new soundsystem allows musicians instant performances without the hustle to bring everything in advance. This allows us to be spontanous, provide a space for guests who turn out to be artists and let them play together with our artists in residence.

We became capable of music recording and production.

We gave birth to « Asnoos », our new garden lodge.

We started offering horse riding.

Our energy system became 100% independent and sustainable.

Our blackwater filtration system has been upgraded.

We installed a drinking water filtration system, so our refills became free of charge.

The new generation of a sustainable sanitation system is beeing tested at the moment in our new garden lodge « Asnoos » and so far looks very promising for further application.

Our compost system produced 5 Tons of fertile soil to be used in our garden.

Our trees continued to grow, produce more fruit and we worked the land to create two new big spaces for herbal production for use at our bar and in the kitchen.

We surfed, hiked, danced, chilled, loughed a lot, ate delicously and continue to do so.

Implemented Sustainable Solutions


1. Natural Building Techniques

  • tents made from locally sourced woven camel and goat fur
  • interior & exterior walls constructed from natural building materials ( rocks, mud brick, tadelakt, etc)
  • natural dyes
  • recycled timber for building
  • furniture made from recycled wood and materials

2. Phyto-epuration basins & Garden

  • water filtration basins that recycle grew water through rocks and sand, resulting in clean water that is then used to water our precious garden
  • aromatic plants to discourage insects
  • no chemical fertilisers used
  • plants that are fitting to the local environment
  • herbs and fruit trees that supply the restaurant with seasonal organic produce

3 Dry toilets or western toilets with treatment system

  • dry toilets to reduce water waste
  • urine separation toilets that combine urine with grey water to supply underground source of water to non-edible plants
  • western toilets, as part of the water filtration system

4. 100% solar energy & energy conservation

  • 100% use of LED or power saving light bulbs
  • 100% solar energy – no connections to mains electricity
  • maximisation of natural lighting & ventilation

5. Cleaning products and wellbeing products are home made and organic

  • black soap used to make natural shampoos and soaps
  • black soap, vinegar and lemon peels used to make cleaning products

6. All restaurant waste is composted

  • a healthy compost from kitchen waste used to improve the quality of the soil
  • extra kitchen waste (bones, bread) given to locals for dogs, chickens, farm animals

7 40% of water heater are solar, upcycled and built by L’Ane Vert

  • a custom designed water heater made from recycled materials that relies solely on solar energy
  • a showcase for the local region that we aim to build and install for many of the local homes

8 Rain water collection – 60% achieved

9 In the process of setting up a waste collection association that would eventuate as a showcase for the wider local region

our vision

fair trade comitment

all water heat by solar heater (L’Ane Vert upcycling)

all classic dry toilets removed for dry toilets with urines separations and dried chamber

innovative urines separation toilets system for the communal area

traditional Hammam with using rain water and heated by recycled paper bricks

setting up waste management system ( glass/paper/plastic ) for L’Ane Vert and the local village in collaboration with local organisations