How to make a glass bottle wall?


As empty glass bottles were stacking up here at L’Ane Vert, we had the idea of recycling them to make a glass bottle wall in our flowery garden! We’re loving the result!

We were impressed with how easy and cheap it was to make it as well as the little amount of tools it required!

Here’s how you can also make your own!

1) Start by soaking the bottles in water for a little while so you can easily remove the labels. If there’s any sticky residue, we found that mixing equal parts of baking soda and cooking oil and applying it on the sticky parts works well.

2) Drill holes at the bottom of each bottle. Insert the bottle in a bucket of sand so it doesn’t move, and use a drill. Only lightly press the bottom and you should have a drilled bottle!

3) Have fun designing the patterns, mixing the shapes and colors.

glass bottle wall

4) We used a big log of wood that we buried in the ground as the bottom base, and a metal pipe for the top part because that’s what we had at our disposal. However, the foundations, both vertical and horizontal, can be whatever you want/can be recycled! Put them into place.

5) Pile up the bottles on strong rope strings and fix them onto the two horizontal foundations.

making a glass bottle wall

6) You now have your own very cool looking glass bottle wall!

Got orange peels? Got a winter bonfire!


We, at L’Ane Vert, are all about upcycling and recycling as much as possible. And because we’re located in Morocco, we find ourselves with lots of local oranges to use… and reuse! This comes at a perfect time since we need some Vitamin C intake as we’re going into winter!

After offering freshly squeezed orange juice to our customers, we take the orange peels down to our compost area where we lay them to dry in the sun.

Some of the fresh ones are also reused to make natural cleaning products (find the recipes here).

Once dried, orange peels, or citrus peels in general, can be used in many different ways!

We decided to use them for an awesome, cosy, nice smelling bonfire where guests and the team alike joined in for some live drum music and a good time.