Le Pedalistan


A bike journey from France to South Africa and maybe further.
A photo and a word a day. A snatch of life gleaned and shared.

Always going forward on ecological decisions and environmental caring,
We are proud to support Clotaire Mandel, alias Le Pedalistan in his bike journey around the world.
For the moment we support him by buying, solar cells, water filter, water tank and USB battery,etc… We hope in the futur, helping him to develop and edit a travel and photography book. Please have a look to his website www.lepedalistan.com

Keep making us dreaming with your courage and your pictures Clotaire.

The country that Clotaire crossed so far; France – Belgium – Netherlands – Germany – Czech Rep – Poland – Ukraine – Moldova – Transnistria – Romania – Slovakia – Hungary – Serbia – Bosnia – Croatia – Monténégro – Albania – Greece – Turkey – Iran – UAE – Oman – Egypt – Soudan -…