La nouvelle fresque d’Aurélie Andrès sur les murs de L’Âne

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Depuis début Mars vous pouvez contempler une splendide fresque murale peinte par l’Artiste Aurélie Andrès près de l’entrée principale du lodge.









Cette peinture, d’un style ethnique original, nous emmène en voyage dans un Maroc primitif ou l’Être humain vit en harmonie avec les animaux et son environnement. D’une surface de plus de 20m2, elle a nécessité 3 jours de travail.




Aurélie Andrès est une artiste française multidisciplinaire au sang multicolore.

Designer, illustratrice et muraliste, son travail est le reflet de sa joie de vivre communicative.
Après s’être formée au design et à la mode, où elle apprend les techniques de broderie, tissage, print et teintures, elle débute sa carrière chez Swildens et Leon & Harper comme designer textile. C’est en revenant de longs séjours à New York et en Inde qu’elle ouvre son studio de création et répond aux commandes de marques telles que Louise Misha, Majestic Filature, Pimkie, Idano, Habitat ou
En mars 2018, lors d’une traversée du Maroc, Aurélie découvre les pigments dans la ville de Chefchaouen, au nord-ouest du pays. Elle en achète dix kilos (un peu trop), avec lesquels elle va peindre – complètement par hasard – la façade d’une école en plein désert. Aux côtés de ces enfants aux visages illuminés, elle a un déclic : cette expérience grand format marque le début de grandes aventures associatives.
Sur des murs au Japon ou en Colombie, à New York City ou à Paris, elle affirme désormais son style coloré, graphique, pop et mène des projets de plus en plus tournés vers le partage.
Apporter de la couleur dans des paysages un peu gris, c’est offrir aux autres, grâce à son art, une feel good therapy.
Et c’est ça, Aurelie.


Découvrez son univers :

Artist Residency – Elisabeth Kraus

Elisabeth Kraus was born in Germany, grew up in a small village in Bavaria and is now working as an international exhibiting artist. In April 2018 she was awarded with the Stadt -Landkreis Scholarship Bamberg.


The focus of her work is on transcultural cooperation, diversity and change of perspective. Confusion and fascination within the differently lived worlds are the inspiration to her work. Her partners were the Goethe Institute Beirut, NGO „Haven for Artist“ and various artists in the Arab LGBTQ scene.

During her stay in L´Ane Vert she intends to concentrate on nomadic movements in our modern world. Taking portraits daily to combine in a final exhibition at the beginning of December.






Alonisma Project @ L’Ane Vert


This March at L’Ane Vert,

The Alonisma project with Andrea Romani & Panagiotis an underground greek artist will be featuring Amine Ghetass, a young moroccan musician for an amazing musical adventure!

Learn more :

Nicola Lazazzara: Organic-Electronic Soundcreation, Collaboration & Recording


We are happy to announce and welcome this month Nicola Lazazzara from Italy.

Nicola is a young musician and producer who started as an acoustic singer-songwriter and now travels the world of electronic music and self-production.

He is inspired by artists like Bonobo, Four Tet and Apparat, tries to find the perfect harmony between organic sounds of strings, guitars, pianos, electronic sounds and audio manipulation.

He is currently doing his master degree in jazz to become able to change his way to think music and look at it from different angles.

Nicola will work on his own productions, as well as showcasing his work-process and hopefully collaborate with local artists, berber, rhythms, melodies, samples or guests who turn out to be artists.

Come, visit and stay tuned.

James Cornelison – Two weeks of creation and performance as artist in residence


We are very happy about James Cornelison from Chicago living and working with us for about two weeks now.

James spends his time here with writing during the days, exploring the region and putting on regular shows at the bar during the night.

We love him for curating shows highlighting the craft of songs and sharing his talent and personality with us.

Coming from soul, jazz and folk he performs for the guests, volunteers, employees and shares with all of us the songs he is working on. This way he includes the performances in his writing process.

We are excited to see James’ work develop in the final two weeks of his residency with us here at l’ âne vert!

Next show will be Thursday night the 13th of december.

Come, listen and stay tuned.

L’Ane Vert team @ ATLAS & INNERVISIONS festivals


For the incredible ATLAS mustic festival, L’Ane vert made the journey to Marrakech and ran a delicious food stand featuring our favourite street-food style meals.

We served a variety of Mini Batboot’s (moroccan flatbread) filled with dukkah chicken, asian style beef, falafels and more! There were also (probably-the-world’s-best) Fries with spicy aioli, our homemade cookies and fresh figs filled with goats cheese and balsamic honey. Yum!

Our one-in-a-million bar tender Bram mixed up some seriously fun cocktails using the unique Moroccan ingredients.

The music was amazing and we were busy all night bumping into many guests and friends from L’Ane Vert.

Thank you so much ATLAS & INNERVISIONS for having us at your event!



james cornelison – songwriting & workshops Nov 23rd > Dec 23rd


James Cornelison

Coming from a musical family and growing up in  the Chicago blues scene, James brings a soulful voice and his songwriting skills to all the way to L’Ane Vert. Hoping to collaborate with local artists during the month to find new sounds and African influences.

Having spent many of the last few years supporting other artists on tour, James will be using his time here to acknowledge and explore an unwavering desire he has had to breakout as a songwriter and artist. His hope is to take this time away from the demand of the road and the competitive scene of Los Angeles to spend his energy gathering unfinished pieces and creating new songs inspired by his surroundings.


James grew up musically inspired by a wide pallet of music- from the blues scene of Chicago, the city he grew up in, to traveling internationally with his father who sang opera professionally and his mother, a music teacher. He grew up with an open door to exploring music, singing, writing, and learning to play any instruments he had access to. He went on to study jazz guitar at the University of Michigan, and there, playing in a number of bands, he began a career focused on the bringing to life of songs. Since, he has enjoyed the cycle of collaboratively writing, recording, and performing music- leading him to Los Angeles where he has now lived for two years, spending much of his time touring the United States and Europe.

Some of the artist James collaborates with most closely with can be found on all musical platforms: Theo Katzman, Joey Dosik, May Erlewine, Antwaun Stanley, Anna Ash, Julian Allen, and Madelyn Grant.


Listen to James Here

PRE-PREMIERE SCREENING OF « GABRIELLE », a short-movie Directed by Victor Mirabel


Victor Mirabel – writing

Oct 16th 2018 , 20h00, after a week of residency in L’Ane Vert, time to think a write the premiss of his next movie.

The young Victor Mirabel will cast the pre-premiere of his last project, the short movie « Gabrielle »

turned in Paris, France.

Dans son incroyable maison remplie d’œuvres d’art, Gabrielle, une jeune et mystérieuse artiste se réveille à côté d’un inconnu. Elle se remémore la soirée de la veille avant qu’il ne se réveille.

Réalisateur : Victor Mirabel
Chef-Opérateur : Paul Morin
Production : TO THE MOON – Elsa Leeb


Caméra : Arri Alexa Standard

Optiques : Zeiss 35mm G.O