The first week of engees students


Here starts our work at l’Ane Vert. We are really happy to work in such a unique place, with adorable people and wonderful landscape. During our first week, we made diagnostics of the current systems of the lodge and searched solutions to the different problematics :


Improvement of the phyto-treatment system


The sanitation of l’Ane Vert consists on a phyto-treatment system of wastewater. Thanks to two basins, water gets infiltrated into a sand and gravel filter which helps its purification. At the same time the plants allow the oxygenation of the basins but also a habitat of bacteria which treat water. Unfortunately the current system has got many dysfunctions.

Our project consists on resizing the increasing capacity of the lodge for 2018 by suggesting a sustainable solution which will keep the phyto-treatment effective and environmentally friendly at the same time.

In order to make a global diagnostic of the system, our team had to list all the dysfunctions, after that we studied different simulations with both positive and negative sides. Those simulations leaded to a number of solutions with different techniques of wastewater facilities, so we had to decide which one matches the most to our objectives.

To achieve our project we made a works schedule, starting by fixing the recent dysfunctions and then accomplishing the chosen solution.



Re orientation of rain water

L’Ane Vert has been constructed on a big cliff in front of the beach, so that the lodge is highly exposed to the wind which causes erosion. Furthermore, the region is dry but knows every year important raining events that rise the erosion phenomena, create crumbling and can flood the camp, the garden and the other constructions at the bottom of the cliff.

Our project is thus to convert the cliff to protect the camp and also to collect rain water which can represent an interesting ressource for the lodge.

The layout of the cliff will consist on creating a green platform to slow the water and stop crumblings. The water which falls on the cliff will be collected in a channel at the bottom. This channel will drive water to a tank so that rain water could be used for the garden, showers or else.



We also plan to collect rain water from the roof of the lodge. To do so, we are going to put gutters all around the lodge and collect it in a reservoir which will be used for the alimentation of the third project (the swimming pool).