3 water filters up and running


Today’s the day all of our water filters are back up and running!

After building a 22 m3 water filter in August with the help of our great engineer students, we’ve had to focus on our older water filter.

After two years of constant use and over 2000 tons of water filtered, this 38 m3 water filter needed an extension as well as a bit of a clean, and what a touch up we’ve given it!

We started by transplanting all of the reefs on top of the filter and by emptying the layer of sand that was clogging the underneath layers of filtration. We’ve replaced it with a layer of thin gravel instead and replanted the reef on each side of the PVC tube that’s now distributing the water evenly all over the filter.

The idea is to switch filters every week or so in order to give a bit of relief to the filter that is resting, which should prevent damage from any overuse of our filters.

So what’s next for us water-wise? Soon we will begin the construction of a retention tank that will ensure a first filtering stage in order to avoid clogging our filters. This will help us reach an even better quality grey water that we will reuse to water our colorful garden all year long!