Got orange peels? Got a winter bonfire!

by L'Âne Vert


We, at L’Ane Vert, are all about upcycling and recycling as much as possible. And because we’re located in Morocco, we find ourselves with lots of local oranges to use… and reuse! This comes at a perfect time since we need some Vitamin C intake as we’re going into winter! After offering freshly squeezed orange…

L’ANE VERT GOING CHEMICAL FREE (+ recipes of natural products)

by L'Âne Vert


Store-bought products contain chemicals that are both harmful to the environment and our bodies. One reason is the substances that are used in industrial products are not biodegradable or only very slow. This means that they stay in the water for a very long time, contaminate soils and eventually kill the flora and fauna. To…


by L'Âne Vert


Alarming reports of huge plastic garbage patches found in the Pacific have sadly become more and more frequent. A good example is the one from last July, describing a patch the size of Mexico floating somewhere between Chile and Easter Island. Being located on the beach, we, at Tafedna, get a sneak peek every day.…


by L'Âne Vert


Today’s the day all of our water filters are back up and running! After building a 22 m3 water filter in August with the help of our great engineer students, we’ve had to focus on our older water filter. After two years of constant use and over 2000 tons of water filtered, this 38 m3…

Samuel Dougados

by L'Âne Vert


We are very happy and pleased to have recently hosted our 8th Artist Residency with Samuel Dougados that stayed with us for an amazing Environmental Art Project that took place in Tafedna. It was a real pleasure to watch the creation and development of the incredible and imposing shapes on the sand of our pristine…

The first week of ENGEES students

by L'Âne Vert

Nitrogen and PH measures

The first week of ENGEES students   Here starts our work at l’Ane Vert. We are really happy to work in such a unique place, with adorable people and wonderful landscape. During our first week, we made diagnostics of the current systems of the lodge and searched solutions to the different problematics :   Improvement…


by L'Âne Vert


After 48 hours of hard work and good time, we proudly have concluded another amazing beach cleaning with the help of the Surfrider Foundation Maroc that support us every year to keep our bay clean. Also involved in this project were the joyful kids of Tafedna and our fabulous group of engineering students from ENGEES,…

Our first residence for environment # 12 engineer students from ENGEES

by L'Âne Vert


We had the chance a year ago to have a student from the ENGEES, an engeneer school oriented towards a better used of our environment and water. This student, Benoit Boidard showed us such enthousiasm, knowledge and work, he literally twisted in a few weeks some of our solutions and systems. So we wanted obviously…