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Samuel Dougados

by L'Âne Vert


We are very happy and pleased to have recently hosted our 8th Artist Residency with Samuel Dougados that stayed with us for an amazing Environmental Art Project that took place in Tafedna. It was a real pleasure to watch the creation and development of the incredible and imposing shapes on the sand of our pristine…

The first week of ENGEES students

by L'Âne Vert

Nitrogen and PH measures

The first week of ENGEES students   Here starts our work at l’Ane Vert. We are really happy to work in such a unique place, with adorable people and wonderful landscape. During our first week, we made diagnostics of the current systems of the lodge and searched solutions to the different problematics :   Improvement…


by L'Âne Vert


After 48 hours of hard work and good time, we proudly have concluded another amazing beach cleaning with the help of the Surfrider Foundation Maroc that support us every year to keep our bay clean. Also involved in this project were the joyful kids of Tafedna and our fabulous group of engineering students from ENGEES,…

Our first residence for environment # 12 engineer students from ENGEES

by L'Âne Vert


We had the chance a year ago to have a student from the ENGEES, an engeneer school oriented towards a better used of our environment and water. This student, Benoit Boidard showed us such enthousiasm, knowledge and work, he literally twisted in a few weeks some of our solutions and systems. So we wanted obviously…

Artists residence #7 Didsy – June 2016 – Visual Art

by L'Âne Vert

RW project by Didsy

We comply with the norms. These norms are our allegorical veil, and our essence is transformed. We forget who we are. Ourselves. And that is the biggest mistake of humankind. Losing our authenticity. We become borrowed people. Machines to do and repeat everything. Continually. To infinity. Again and again. Without collapsing. In our banal everyday…

Artists residence #8 Clara Polina Vogt – July 2016 – Sculpture/Upcycling

by L'Âne Vert


Clara Polina Vogt grew up in a family of actors and artists, which inspired her to predominantly work and experiment in the field of Performing Arts. At l’ane vert she is keen to take up a new challenge and combine a matter of the heart, which is sustainable living with the fine arts. Starting with…

Artists Residence #6 Gabrielle Meyerowitz – April 2016 – Painting

by L'Âne Vert


We are pleased to host Gabrielle as our 6th artist-in-residence during this month of April! Meanwhile, works of Aomar Ajbour + Hanne Nielsen hang as an exhibition at l’Ane Vert as well. Please come by and have a look. This month is totally dedicated to colors. And l’Ane Vert is an ideal landing spot for Gabrielle to find…

Artist residence #4 Joshua Braithwaite and Will Hutton – Music

by L'Âne Vert

Update made the August 10, 2015 RESIDENCY FINISHED – SEE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE ! Joshua Braithwaite and Will Hutton have written a 5 song EP, Listen to it here for free ! All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Hutton at L’Ane Vert, Morocco. A Green Donkey Records Production. Jun 16, 2015 We…

Artist Residence #5 Kathrin Hanga – Photographer

by Kara Bull


KATHRIN HANGA’S PORTABLE DARKROOM August 2015 Kathrin came with her vintage suitcase and hidden inside was all the equipment needed for a portable darkroom. By day Kathrin would capture a variety of unique photos from architecture and portraits to simple shadows and angles. By night she would develop the photos (often in a tent!) with her little…


by L'Âne Vert

In March 2015, we invited JDove and Will Hutton, a rapper from the US, and a singer/songwriter from the UK respectively, to participate in one of our earliest artist’s residencies. Together JDove and Will create a beautiful and unique blend of US Hiphop and alternative folk/blues/rock, and the following music video was created using footage…