Meet the artists



Didsy is a young self-taught visual artist from Tangier, Morocco, currently living in Casablanca. In her experimental way of embracing art, Didsy keeps a childlike simplicity on different disciplines: painting, illustration, graphic design, mural painting, photography and installation. Inspired by pop culture, anime, manga, foreign literature and everyday life, Didsy expresses her imagination mostly through intriguing and bizarre characters drawn with naïve cartoonish lines.   Have a look at her website & Facebook page!

Selected Exhibitions:

Oct 15 – Collective Exhibition – Chaos – Transeuropa Festival – @KM8 gallery – Belgrade, Serbia
Oct 15 – Solo Exhibition – Deer Love – @L’Uzine, Casablanca, Morocco
May 15 – Solo Mural Painting, Jeudeep – @Shore Club, Casablanca, Morocco
March 15 – AUI Alternative Days, @Old Gameroom, Ifrane, Morocco
Feb 15 – Collective Exhibition Harmonia, @Cathédrale du Sacré Cœur, Casablanca, Morocco
Dec 14 – Collective Exhibition Maoka, Maoka, Morocco
Apr 11 – Collective Exhibition AUI Photography, @Old Gameroom, Ifrane, Morocco
Oct 10 – Collective Exhibition at SFU, @SFU, Vancouver, Canada



Clara grew up in Berlin, Kreuzberg but escaped the city as soon as she finished high school as it became gradually more and more ‘cool’. She moved to the Netherlands to study Law, Anthropology, Entrepreneurship and Performing Arts. As part of her studies she moved to Rabat, Morocco for half a year and began to understand, criticise and finally love the country. After conducting research and mainly academic work in Morocco, it is now time to connect with its nature in an artistic manner.

Clara has been taking yoga classes since the age of 15 and then intensified her training in the Netherlands as she started working in a studio there. Through teaching Ashtanga classes at her university, she became more and more enthusiastic about the idea of passing on the philosophy and physical practice of yoga. In March 2016 she becomes a certified Yoga Teacher in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of Barath Shetty in Mysore, India. Throughout the month of July she will be more than excited to offer private or group classes at l’ane vert.



Born 1988 , USA ; Gabrielle Meyerowitz has always found solace in color and line . She studied painting and drawing in New York before embarking on a couple of long-term assistantships and studies in Paris . Since then she has continued her work through international residencies . Her work is often interactive , site-specific , and containing bits of writing . Always a direct response to the particularities of physical space , the end result is an abstraction ; “In all I do I am simply seeking articulation of the universality and connectivity that stirs inside cracks of common places , existing momentarily in duets between sound and surface ; most of my work then is a conversation between space and place , I seek ways to reflect the daily monotony of a new place and articulate that which is around me .

Suddenly in the chaotic expression of individualism , foreign spaces are stripped of costume and become primordial noise or “keter” , a kabbalistic word meaning “limitless light” or beginning before all . This is my objective .”

During her time at L’ane Vert , she will complete Scroll V as part of her SCROLL SERIES .

aomar-Ajbour-artist-marocAOMAR AJBOUR

Aomar Ajbour was born, and currently living, in Tiznit, where he works as an Art Teacher.

He is the typical example of the “meddler artist”, gifted in many disciplines of the artistic register, expressing his original touch through many formats: Painting and Aquarelle, in which he excells,  Comics creation, Ink portraits; he is also a truly involved musician in his band and finally, professor of Visual Arts.

One is very far from being able to ask the recurring dilemma of the “figurative or abstract”, even if at the same time certain paintings are abstract and others figurative. Aomar believes it is because painting is, above all, the translation of an intimate interior vision, a moving self and this is why some of his paintings strike by their oniric universe.



Hanne Lund Nielsen, a Danish painter that has been living in Morocco for 6 years now (specifically in Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki and now Mirleft), always felt this constant and rousing inspiration that either comes from the mystical landscapes of the country or the everyday life of the many cities she lived in, makes her want to continuously keep learning painting and creating.

She currently has exhibited in Art Galleries, Restaurants and many other locations in Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki and Mirleft.



Born 1988 in Vienna; Kathrin Hanga discovered her camera some time ago as a viable and direct mean to personally transcribe the eternity or continuity she found within the everyday of her immediate surroundings. Her background in Theater and Film in Vienna and Paris has influenced the aesthetics of her images .

Hanga’s work is installation-based , sight-specific and interactive. What remains the same throughout is the aesthetic of her images : themes of movement , light , shadow , and surface often appear as abstractions of a particular space she enters . She hopes viewers might find their own separate, personal recognition in her isolated forms.

If you want to contact her, or know more about Kathrin, have a look at her website.


Joshua Braithwaite is a soulful singer from London, who first visited L’Ane Vert as a guest in March 2015. During his
stay Joshua performed impromptu sets to staff and guests with Will, and impressed everyone so much that we asked him to come back as part of our artist residency program. Joshua’s voice has been likened to John Legend’s, and Joshua will be using his time at L’Ane Vert to work on songs for his debut EP.



Will Hutton is a singer/songwriter from London. In August 2014 Will Hutton decided to leave the security of a day job and take a one way ticket to France, to start writing music full time (both as a solo artist and a co-writer with American hip hop artist JDove), and travel while doing it. Will believed this was the best way to maintain both creative freedom and inspiration. Since then Will has travelled to and lived in 11 countries, spanning 4 continents, recorded his debut EP ‘Circles’ in Barcelona, which is out now on iTunes/Spotify, has taken part in two Artist Residencies in Morocco, recorded with various artists along the way, and is currently working on material for what will become his debut album. With intelligent lyrics, big melodic choruses, and a voice that falls somewhere between Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson, Will Hutton is an artist whose music crosses multiple genres, while being distinctive and unique.



At an early age, growing up in Detroit, MI, Jason Triplett aka JDove developed an interest in the artistic realms of film, drawing, music & poetry. He has lived in 5 U.S. States since graduation from High School in 2006 at the age of 19 and is now based in the Big Apple after returning from a spontaneous hiatus overseas.

In September 2013, Jason set out on an adventure around the world, leaving behind his convenient life in Los Angeles and adopting a more frugal lifestyle couchsurfing in Europe; arriving in Germany for the first time alone with no plan other than to create, adapt and live sustainably.

Jason has managed to successfully and spontaneously travel throughout Germany, England, France, Spain and Morocco, all the while performing and collaborating with local artist in cities such as Berlin, London, Paris and Barcelona.

It will be interesting to see what results from such a cultural repertoire, and the people on board today will be among the first to witness it.

“I believe that by saying less we say more” JDove



Chloe George is a visual artist from Bristol, UK where she worked for several years as an Art Teacher in a secondary school, specialising in Film and Animation.
In 2014 Chloe quit her full time teaching job to spend time travelling and to explore the textile and design patterns found in Africa.
Chloe is currently based in Zambia . She is using her Film and Animation skills to work with the local community to fundraise and raise awareness of the everyday issues that still exist in the poorer villages.



I am a 29 year old designer and art director from munich. I studied Media Design at the MDH in Munich and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Media Design. I studied Design for a good reason; It is the logical consequence out of my experience and work in Print, Web, Logodesign and Photography. Beside my studies I realised several Print– and Web projects as a Freelancer and also as a working student in the Mobile Software AG in Munich. Essential parts of my work was to design and conceptualize interface designs for Android and iOS. Our clients were MAN, Audi, BMW, and many more.

Since I finished my studies I am working as an art director at DAMEGO a Communication Agency based in Munich. I support all creative production processes such as realising complex communications strategy in off and online markets or in corporate Design projects. For clients like BMW, MINI, Tech Data, Domicil and many more.